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 Company’s telecommunications is a transportation medium helping administrate all business processes. It is based on a primary communication net consolidating all facilities of the Company. The network serves as a basis for secondary networks providing dispatcher and corporate telecom services, video- and audio conferencing, transmission of data from process management and business systems, access to Internet, e-mail, internal corporate web-pages, etc.

The Company’s telecom systems are exploited and expanded by IT and Technological Control departments. Telecom network is developed according to the Company’s strategy in IT, automation and telecommunications approved by the Board of Directors.

Information on the progress of telecommunications in the branches during 2014:

  1. Installation of digital equipment to arrange communication channels between substations and productions units (110-kVKilovolt Montazhnaya substation - ZES production unit, 110-kVKilovolt Volna substation – ZES production unit);
  2. Arrangement of main and back-up channels for dispatcher communications and telemetric data transmission (110-kVKilovolt Ferrosplav substation – Sverdlovsk RDU);
  3. Arrangement of a branch back-up communication hub and separation of main and back-up dispatcher and telemetric channels;
  4. Launch of last-mile data collection system via Motiv networks;
  5. Installation and launch of 9 primary multiplexors;
  6. Launch of 12 voice recorder systems in Client Service Centers;
  7. Replacement of 17 obsolete radio stations;
  8. Arrangement of main and back-up communication channels between substations and productions units (110-kVKilovolt Titan substation – Verkhnaya Salda production unit, 110-kVKilovolt Titan substation – NTES production unit);
  9. Build-up of a telecom line and arrangement of main and back-up communication channels between substations and productions units (110-kVKilovolt Turya substation – Krasnoturinsk production unit);
  10. Arrangement of communication channels (110-kVKilovolt Pershino substation – Serov communication hub, 110-kVKilovolt Cheremukhovo substation - Serov communication hub, 110-kVKilovolt Severouralsk substation - Serov communication hub, Pelym substation - Serov communication hub);
  11. Granting of 21 technical conditions for FOCL construction on power lines in compliance with Elimination of Digital Imparity program.
  1. D&S works on upgrade of communication channels at 5 substations;
  2. Arrangement of main and back-up telemetric channels from 5 substations to Chelyabinsk regional dispatcher unit;
  3. Arrangement of telemetric channels between 10 substations and production units;
  4. Arrangement of 3 radio relay communication lines;
  5. Arrangement of VPN data transmission channels;
  6. Arrangement of back-up channels for dispatcher communications and telemetrics (8 facilities);
  7. Arrangement of VSAT communication channels (2 facilities);
  8. Launch of 6 primary multiplexors;
  9. Launch of Coral I dispatcher switch board;
  10. Launch of 2 voice recorder dispatcher systems;
  11. Replacement of 11 obsolete radio stations;
  12. Installation of AKST-6 HF equipment (Satka substation – Bakal substation) and arrangement of dispatcher telemetric and communications channels.
  1. Installation of fiber optic lines, expansion of SDH networks and installation of backbone multiplexors at 8 new centers;
  2. Arrangement of digital dispatcher communication channels;
  3. Arrangement of communication channels for PGES production unit;
  4. Generation and launch of Connect remote management system in several production units;
  5. Launch of LIBERT 7200 failure-free feeding system.