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Strategic communications

The Company makes every effort to build a benevolent communicative environment. Key direction of the activities is media relations building goodwill of the Company, enhancing influence and promoting the Company’s interests in the outer world. We work hard to build close relations with key target groups. Our information policy rests on the principles of completeness, authenticity, easy access to information as well as regularity and timeliness of disclosure for general public. It sings in unison with a long-term communications strategy and united principles of Rosseti’s information policy. The Company pays a lot of attention to building its business reputation as one of the key components of strategic management. Initiation and building of efficient communications with business, professional, expert and scientific communities, federal and regional authorities or public, veteran and youth organizations as well as personnel of the Company are also very important for the Company.

In 2014 the quantity of our releases in mass media grew up by 11% and exceeded 9.8 thousThousand, with over 94% of all releases initiated by our PR team. Positive and neutral publications totaled 99.27%. A high share of releases initiated by our PR team demonstrates the Company’s control over own image. The key topics for press releases in 2014 were investment program, repairs and operations during acts of nature as well as a quick restoration of energy supply after incidents. A high share of releases covers our achievements in the facilitation of easy access to infrastructure in the service area.

In 2014 the Company continued to focus on efficient customer feedback. Additional information support to communication channels facilitated the usage of the CEOChief Executive Officer on-line reception on our official web-site. Over 770 customers have solved their problems via the service (+31.8% on 2013). The most frequent questions were related to connection, supply and metering quality. Applications forwarded via the online reception room were carefully examined by the management. 

The Company continues to develop existing intracorporate communications and creates new ones. The Company also actively promotes itself in social networks. We have over 1,800 followers in Facebook. The traffic of our web-site in 2014 grew significantly and exceeded 253.3 thousThousand. unique users. The web-site entered Yandex Top Ten resources that disseminate information on energy supply. During the year we traditionally prepared 12 issues of our corporate newspaper that is an important instrument for non-financial stimulation of employees and for distributing information on the Company’s operations. Key topics covered by the newspaper were labor condition improvement, acquisition of new vehicles and equipment, labor safety, activities of veteran and young professional councils.

Improvement of energy sector operations, enhancement of quality and reliability of energy supply are possible only in case of innovative development of the sector based on scientific achievements, generation and implementation of new efficient, more reliable and durable materials, equipment and technologies. The sector existing and operating in 21st century needs innovative solutions. Innovations from the Company’s program are designed for a wide sphere of usage – from usage by the energy sector to usage of scientific achievements by an ordinary consumer.

Via its exhibitions the Company invites the general public to participate in projects, financing implementation of solutions and generation of technologies that answer present-day challenges. In 2014 the Company participated in key regional exhibitions widely displaying its evolution potential. During Innoprom-2014 exhibition our colleagues presented our practices regarding new innovative solutions for regional grid management. The Company also implements the program on upgrade of automated systems for operating and technological management. The target goal is to create a unified PSI control-based hardware and software on every management level. The pilot project related to the implementation of the innovative facilities was completed in the Middle Urals. The Company’s exhibition stand offered visitors a model of intellectual management of the regional grids and presented a working place of a NMC dispatcher.

During the exhibition we have signed agreements with the Urals Federal University. We are working over the establishment of Energy Sector Department in the university that will be the key element of the Urals engineer school and stimulate inflow of qualified personnel to the regional energy sector. This is the largest educational project for the sector in recent years. The new department will be a subdivision of the Urals Energy Institute to teach employer-sponsored students. Educational programs will comply with the needs of the Urals energy sector. Particularly, we plan to teach students on two directions – relay protection and automation and electric networks. The department will produce approx. 20 graduates per year.   

The Company has a long-term cooperation with the Urals Federal University. Over 75% of power engineers working in the Urals region graduated from the university. Besides, UrFU’s professors and Company’s specialists cooperate in R&D projects that are of high importance to the Urals energy sector development. Students from energy faculties have their on-the-job training in Company’s structural units every year. In 2014 the Company and UrFU have formed a joint student team that participated in the construction of a Company’s training field (Educational Center of IDGCInterregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals). We should underline that our goal is to demonstrate vectors of our innovative development and to make the visitors interested in the Company’s exhibition stand during Innoprom-2014. In 2014 the Company traditionally continued its cooperation with talented StreetArt designers (Ekaterinburg). The exhibition stand contained interactive art object – light installation under a symbolic title “Exploit the energy” that fully complies with a concept of the exhibited model of intellectual management of the regional grids. Any visitor might take a photo at the stand and obtain a memorable Innoprom-2014 postcard.

The Company also took part in an expert discussion devoted to efficiency increase to boost the upgrade of industry and economy growth during 2nd All-Russia energy-efficiency session, in a round-table titled “Transport evolution trends: ecology and e-vehicles” during the “Automation and Robots in Machine-Building” conference, in a session titled “Increased life standards: application of new technologies and urban development” during “Urban Technologies” Conference. The Company’s specialists also participated in venues arranged by the Titan Valley zone and UrFU – seminar titled “Cooperation as a factor that increases competitiveness of industrial enterprises”, conference titled “Industrial site development vectors under global challenges” and lectures titled “Employer and graduate: any balance of expectations possible?”.

In 2014 the Company also presented its projects in the Kama region by participating in 17th exhibition titled “Energy Sector. Energy-Saving 2014”. The Perm exhibition is one of the largest special venues in the Urals and Volga regions covering several segments – utilities, thermal energy sector, energy engineering, cables and fittings, energy machine-building as well as energy and resource supply and light. The exhibition evolved into 5th interregional Energy-saving and Efficiency Forum that gathered authorities, heads of industrial and energy enterprises, developers and experts. Participants of the seminars, debates and round tables discussed vital issues related to resource saving and efficiency increase in the Perm region. Our specialists took an active part in drawing-up of the forum program. During the exhibition the company has signed an agreement with the Perm Ministry of Agriculture on supporting measures for agricultural and food-processing enterprises. There was a round table devoted to elaboration and implementation of the Perm regional energy sector development scheme during the exhibition.  

At present the energy sector works over a range of objectives; and, as a result, participation of energy companies in various discussion platforms is an efficient instrument for elaboration of highly-efficient solutions that will determine the present-day and future strategy of energy sector evolution.