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Social responsibility

Social policy is one of the most important directions, components of internal policy of the Company aimed at securing personnel social stability using various social activities and programs. The key objectives of our social program are personnel, family and veteran care. Besides, our social policy is aimed at creation of favorable working atmosphere and socially responsible corporate image with a view to attract and retain highly-skilled workers as well as at provision of decent living for our pensioners.

The social program of the Company determines socially vital projects, supporting activities and financing resources. The social program includes:

  1. Voluntary medical insurance

    All employees obtained additional medical services under VMI, all employees were insured against accidents and illnesses according to the Regulations on Personnel Insurance Protection approved by the Board of Directors on the annual basis.

  2. Non-state Retirement Program

    Non-state pension provision works under the contracts with NPF of the Electric Power Industry and Non-state Retirement Program approved by the Board of Directors on the annual basis. The program is designed to ensure decent living of the employees when they retire, create conditions for efficient HR activities related to recruiting, retention and motivation of the personnel. 4,401 of the retired pensioners receive Company-assigned pension in addition to state pension.

  3. Treatment, including health resorts for employees and their children

    In 2014 908 employees and 848 children visited all-year country and sanatorium resorts, including Black Sea locations.

  4. State, sector, corporate awards

    In 2014 734 employees obtained state, sector and corporate awards for high results, large contributions into the Urals grid sector: state awards (1 employee), ministry awards (65 employees), awards of the All-Russia Union of Energy Sector Employers (17 employees), Rosseti awards (92 employees), Company awards (515 employees), awards from local authorities (44 employees).

  5. Corporate support of personnel in housing conditions improvement

    In 2014 according to the Regulations on the Corporate Support of Personnel in Housing Conditions Improvement 235 employees obtained RURRussian ruble 9,360 thousThousand. support to improve the housing conditions.

  6. Veteran care

    The Company has a Coordination Veteran Council that supervises and arranges activities of branch veteran councils. The Council supervises over 5 thousThousand. retired workers. Special attention was paid to veteran care (arrangement of creativity clubs, health treatment, excursions to new facilities, etc.).

  7. Various events for personnel and their families

    We arranged sports competitions to involve personnel in doing sports and to form teams for sector, municipal and regional sport competitions. Every year almost 55% of employees participate in corporate sports competitions.

  8. Discounts, guarantees, compensations stipulated by the collective agreement:
    • lump sum of death or disablement compensation;
    • additional payments to unemployed disabled person injured through employer’s fault or children of an employee who died at a working place;
    • compensation of burial expenses;
    • lump sum financial aid (parental or wedding leave, emergency circumstances);
    • compensation of expenses for kindergartens;
    • additional annual paid leave due to abusive working conditions, multiple shifts;
    • additional paid leaves: the Knowledge Day, paternal leave, wedding leave, etc.
  9. Charity

    In 2014 the Company arranged 2 large-scale socially-oriented projects: IDGCInterregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals is the Territory of Welfare (gathering of belongings, toys, etc.) and Donating Blood You Save a Life (volunteer blood donations).

    The first project focuses on orphanages and care homes. Our employees made charitable donations to 4 orphanages and care homes located in the Sverdlovsk region: boarding schools in Sukhoi Log and Serov, orphanages in Yuzhakovo and Nizhniy Tagil. Besides, we gathered basic essentials for Ukrainian refugees. In 2014 over 500 employees took part in blood donation events. The charity events were arranged all over the service area by employees themselves, no financial support from the Company required.

    Prior to New Year’s eve we arranged a party for patients of the interregional children’s oncology and hematology hospital. 84 kids wrote letters to Father Christmas and obtained desired gifts bought by our employees during a small New Year party.