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Shareholder capital

The Charter Capital of the Company has undergone no changes during 2014 and as of 31.12.2015 totaled RURRussian ruble 8,743,048,571.1. The charter capital is represented by 87,430,485,711 common shares with the nominal value of RURRussian ruble 0.1 per each.

Shares Number of shares Nominal value
Outstanding common shares 87,430,485,711 RURRussian ruble 0.1
Declared common shares 2,475,713,367 RURRussian ruble 0.1

The overall number of accounts belonging to the registered shareholders and nominal holders as of 01.01.2014 totaled 16,848 accounts. The number of accounts as of 01.01.2015 equaled 16,659 accounts.

The structure of the Company’s shareholder capital as of 31.12.2014 is as follows:

The largest holder of the Company’s shares is Russian Grids (nominal holder – Depositary and Corporate Technologies, OOOForm of business ownership in Russia (Limited Liability Company))). It owns the controlling stock of the voting shares (51.52% of the charter capital). A large block of shares is owned by the nominal holder – National Settlement Depositary, NKO ZAO (41.54%). Other shareholders own 6.94% of the charter capital.

Holder 2014
Number of common shares % of the charter capital
Depositary and Corporate Technologies, ООО (nominal holder) 45,041,557,954 51.52%
National Settlement Depositary, NKO ZAO (nominal holder) 36,321,816,776 41.54%

During the reported period and nowadays common shares of the Company are traded on MICEXMoscow Interbank Currency Exchange stock exchange (ticker MRKU, 1 Level Quotation List) as well as shares are included into MICEXMoscow Interbank Currency Exchange PWR index.

During the reported period the price of the Company’s shares fluctuated around RURRussian ruble 0.06 price range. During 1Q 2014 the quotes declined and reached RURRussian ruble 0.04, but by year-end the quotes regained their positions and equaled values evidenced at the early 2014. Investors showed a very weak interest towards grid companies during the year, overall activities at the Russian stock market were also very low. According to the data from MICEXMoscow Interbank Currency Exchange overall trading volume of the Company’s shares totaled RURRussian ruble 88.6 mnMillion or 1,601.2 mnMillion shares (as of 12M 2013 – RURRussian ruble 394.2 mnMillion and 2,603.2 mnMillion). As of 2014 the market capitalization of the Company totaled RURRussian ruble 5.3 bn (as of 2013 – RURRussian ruble 5.6 bn).

  2013 2014
Trading volume, RURRussian ruble mln. 394.2 88.6
Trading volume, mln. shares 2,603.2 1,601.2
Number of transactions 10,264 6,909
Average weighted price at the beginning of the year, RURRussian ruble 0.21116 0.06481
Average weighted price at the year-end, RURRussian ruble 0.06349 0.0608
Market capitalization at the year-end, RURRussian ruble 5,550,961,537.79 5,315,773,531.23