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Personnel training and promotion

The system for personnel training and promotion is based on timeliness, subsequence and continuity principles. The programs on training and retraining of personnel are planned on the basis of the following approaches:

  • Absolute fulfilment of requirements on obligatory education/certification of the Company’s personnel (HR Rules at energy sector enterprises, RTN requirements, etc);
  • Priority is given to programs supporting new technologies or types of operations, focused on the promotion of innovative competences of the personnel, corporate educational programs, programs for senior and middle officers and personnel from reserves;
  • Achievement of targets related to the share of trained personnel per year – no less than 30%;
  • Observation of balance between personal and work time expenditures during training process.

The system of personnel training and retraining is regulated by the Regulations on personnel training. In 2014 we trained 5,914 employees (40.14% of overall headcount), including HQ - 141 employees (50%), Sverdlovenergo branch – 2,680 employees (50.4%), Permenergo branch – 1,575 employees (33.09%), Chelyabenergo branch – 1,518 employees (34.67%).

In 2014 training included the following directions:

  • On-site training for production personnel;
  • Obligatory external training, including corporate educational center (Educational Center of IDGC of Urals);
  • Additional educational programs for all personnel categories arranged on the initiative of department heads, HR department and personnel itself.

*share of trained personnel does not include introductory briefing and pre-examination training

Overall training expenditures in 2014 totaled RUR 70,183 thous. (2013 – RUR 73,695.24 thous). Expenses/Salary fund ratio totals 0.86% (1.22% in 2013). Decrease in 2014 was caused by optimization of expenses on training programs. At the same time obligatory training according to regulating documents is retained in full according to production needs.

Distribution of trained personnel in terms of categories, %

 Due to specificity of the Company’s operations and objectives related to the personnel training, the structure of trained employees shows predominance of workers and production personnel.

The Company actively engages educational institutions of high and secondary levels to the training and retraining, student field practice as well as engagement of student construction brigades on grid facilities. We have 4 general contracts on cooperation between the Company and universities – the Urals Federal University (Ekaterinburg), South Urals State University and Chelyabinsk Agricultural and Engineer Academy (Chelyabinsk) and Perm National Research University (Perm). We also have 7 agreements with colleges – Perm Chemistry and Technology College, Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Zyukai Agricultural College, Zlatoust Industrial College, Nizhny Tagil Mining College, Urals State College, Ekaterinburg Energy College.

In June 2014 during Innoprom-2014 IDGC of Urals and UrFU have signed an agreement on the creation of Energy Sector Department to prepare production personnel for the Company. Educational programs are prepared by the Company’s specialists. The sponsorship was given to 255 students studying at energy-related faculties.

During summer of 2014 50 students from student construction teams worked at Company’s facilities in Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Perm. This year the volunteer teams included students studying at the largest regional universities (UrFU, SUrSU, PNRU). The All-Russia student construction team contest closed up the working season in Sevastopol. Our representatives won the photo contest and participated in the award ceremony. In 2014 Permenergo branch arranged a project related to field practice for students, even from educational institutions with no employer-sponsored students.