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Personnel reserves

o fill the vacant positions with highly-qualified personnel, to grant new practices and experience to employees, to support their interest and motivation we plan the career of the personnel. Fundamental training of the personnel, development of their professional and managerial competence required for targeted position is achieved via personnel reserve promotion. In 2014 we approved the Regulations on the Personnel Reserve Development in a new version. According to the Regulations we form managerial personnel reserves and youth reserves.

The priority objective of the managerial reserve is to ensure the replacement of vacant managerial positions in HQ and branches with qualified personnel.

Обеспеченность управленческих должностей кадровым резервом на конец отчетного периода

In production units the indicator is a little bit lower (81.15%) than in HQ or branch administration, this can be explained by a higher level of personnel turnover in production units, including reserve members.

Key objectives for youth reserve are to involve young employees to problem-solving, to increase professional competence and to promote their professional careers. The youth reserve is formed both in branches and Company and includes professionally educated young specialists under 35 years old working for the Company for over 1 year with a high potential and motivation for further professional and career growth. The reserve is formed on a competitive basis after a candidate selection procedure. Each member of the reserve gets a target position, a highly-professional and authoritative supervisor and individual development plan. By the end of 2014 the youth reserves in the branches and Company were revised. Assigned, dismissed or inappropriate employees were excluded from the reserves. At present there are 152 young professionals in the youth reserves that confirmed their status.

To expand professional outlook and competence members of the branch and Company reserves participated in industry forums and conferences (IIIrd ENES 2014 Forum, Ist RUGRIDS-ELECTRO 2014 Forum, etc.)

During the reported period 58 members of the managerial and youth reserves were promoted to superior positions.