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Personnel headcount and structure

The average headcount of the Company in 2014 totaled 14,731.7 persons (-0.12% on 2013). The reduction of headcount in 2014 was due to optimization of administrative and managerial staff and synchronous recruitment of production staff to vacant positions in production units.

The average headcount of the Company in 2012-2014:

Distribution of the average headcount of the Company in 2014:

One of the indicators describing HR status is staffing level. During 3 previous years it is stable and reaches high levels (no less than 97%).

Staffing level, %

Structure of personnel categories in 2012-2014.

The structure of personnel categories is typical for an energy transmission company and stable for 3 previous years: the share of workers totals 49%, the share of clerks/specialists totals 35%, the share of senior and middle officers totals 16%.

The structure of personnel age in 2012-2014

The structure of personnel age is also stable. During 3 previous years the share of workers of 25-50 years old (most active and qualified working age) increased by 2%. In 2014 the share of young workers (under 25 years old) decreased by 1%. Average personnel age in 2014 has undergone no significant changes in comparison to 2013 and totaled 41 years.

The structure of personnel education level in 2012-2014

The Company’s staff demonstrates a high qualification level - 84% of employees have professional education. Analysis of the personnel in terms of education shows that the share of personnel without professional education decreases y-o-y from 19% (2012) to 16% (2014). To enhance qualification and professional level of the personnel candidates with professional core education are given priorities when hired.