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Key performance indicators

 The KPI system of the Company contains objectives and goals stipulated by the Strategy for Energy Sector Development approved by Russian Government Act. The Board of Directors has approved the following KPIs for the CEO and senior managers enacted since 01.01.2013 (protocol #115 dd.30.10.2012):

  • Obligatory conditions for bonus payments:

    1. Earned net profit;
    2. Reduction of expenses on goods, works and services per 1 unit by no less than 10% p.a. during 3 years in real terms measured in 2010 prices;
    3. Lack of fatalities or group accident with a seriously injured employee due to improper execution or neglect of duties by the Company’s employees;
    4. A certificate of preparedness for autumn-winter operations is obtained in due time.
  • Annual KPIs:

    1. Reliability of operations (average duration of outage);
    2. Transmission receivables turnover;
    3. EBITDA;
    4. Rate of y-o-y opex increase;
    5. Losses/Overall supply;
    6. Investment efficiency (due commissioning, financing, capex, loading of newly commissioned facilities);
    7. Quality of services (quality of connection services, quality of transmission services, quality of services);
    8. Innovations efficiency;
  • Quarterly KPIs:

    1. Reliability of operations (prevention of accidents that exceed target figures);
    2. Investment efficiency (due quarterly financing and capex, due investments since the beginning of the year);
    3. Control over operating cash flow;
    4. Completion of equipment repair plan.

Target KPIs are synchronized with the objectives of the Strategy for Energy Sector Development.