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IT administration

During 2014 Permenergo and Sverdlovenergo branches put IT administration system into operation to improve IT services rendered by IT units in branches and HQHead-quarters as well as unification of software used for IT infrastructure exploitation. As a result, the system obtained functions related to accident management (in full) and configuration management (partially). In August 2014 we approved the Regulations on IT project management that determined schemes and processes from the 1st implementation phase of corporate project management system. The Regulations stipulate principles for creating project management office responsible for IT project administration as well as requirements for a project team, typical IT project documents.

In 2015 we intend to start new projects related to:

  • Automation of investments

    Goals: increase in investment management efficiency (reduction of labor costs and working hours for the preparation of the investment program and reporting) and provision of instrument for process planning and capexCapital Expenditures accounting.

  • Calculation of wages for foreign employees

    The project is based on Federal Foreigners’ Act #115-FZ dd. 25.07.2002, Federal Insurance Deduction Act #212–FZ dd. 24.07.2009 and Art. 224 of the Russian Tax Code.

    Goal: Observation of the legislation in cases when the Company hires non-residents (refugees, migrants, etc.).

  • Mobile MRO

    Goal: mobile access to MRO database. Expected positive effects: optimization of working hours spent by foremen in MRO, high operability of data transfer to MRO, increased data actuality and reliability. Enhanced data operability and reliability will help minimize exploitation expenses and losses.

  • Interactive CRM

    Goal: observation of the Russian legislation on on-line access to information on services, Unified QoS Standards on possibilities to forward consumers’ information and queries and to obtain information and bills.

  • Integration of geoinformation system and system for non-financial capital control


    • Provision of actual geoinformation support for all structural units and its integration with similar Rosseti’s system;
    • Provision of online access to various data for an easy build-up of integrated information system;
    • Provision of geoinformation transparency of all production structure of the Company (grid management optimization);
    • Creation of registers of land plots, grid facilities, protective zones in the platform for a dimensional analysis of information and multi-user mode;
    • Control over facility status and location;
    • Quick processing of queries, generation of standard and random selections using system information, generation and printing of reports, reduction of costs.

Besides contracted projects we also intend to a range of projects internally:

  • ASDF development and modification (contract approval procedure, primary accounting approval procedure, automation of procurement procedures)

    Goals: Improved operability, transparency and controllability of business processes.

  • Modification of Work Permit and Orders Module

    Goals: automation of work permit and order handling according to the Rules of Labor Protection during energy equipment exploitation, increase in labor safety and controllability of the process.

  • Telephone directory

    In 2015 we intend to launch a telephone directory interface in all branches providing detailed information on the personnel and to determine directory support procedures. We test the system in Sverdlovenergo.

  • Development of IT administration system

    During 2015 – 2016 we intend to finalize the implementation of the solutions in Chelyabenergo and EESK, to expand system functions and services by automation of business processes in the following structural units:

    • IT Department (Work stations, internet, infrastructure, videoconferencing, etc.);
    • ASTM Department (fixed and mobile phones, videoconferencing);
    • Building Maintenance Department (furniture, office supplies, etc.);
    • Transport Department (transportation services);
    • Accounting Department (business trip documentation processing);
    • HR (vacation leave processing).