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HR policy

Key objectives of the Company’s HR policy focused to achieve strategic goals of the Company and power grids are planning of recruitment needs, timely recruitment as well as assurance of personnel efficiency and labor productivity growth.

Key directions of the Company’s HR policy:

Regarding organizational structure:

  • Typification of organizational and functional structures;
  • Bringing of the structure in line with current needs and objectives of the Company;

Regarding personnel management:

  • Assurance of labor productivity growth;
  • Arrangement of organizational activities – centralization/decentralization of functions, optimization of functional processes;

Regarding staffing and personnel development:

  • Planning of unified present-day and future recruitment needs;
  • Implementation of personnel mobility programs to staff units in labor-deficient areas,
  • Personnel reserve management;
  • Generation of unified qualification requirements determined by position and type of activities;
  • Development of personnel training and retraining system with a potentially wide usage of regional educational centers and flexible educational technologies;
  • Strengthening of cooperation with leading Russian educational institutions (secondary and tertiary level of education and further education);
  • Rejuvenation of personnel, especially workers and engineers.

Regarding personnel motivation:

  • Determination of individual, accurate and measurable working objectives and corresponding motivation schemes;
  • Implementation of unified wage system with due regard to specific regional features and providing competitive revenue level for similar positions in the regions.

Regarding social benefits and guarantees:

  • Development of social partnership with trade unions;
  • Implementation of social protection and corporate support programs;
  • Implementation of social and cultural programs – support of labor dynasty, creativity competitions, mass cultural events, charitable acts as well as projects promoting physical culture, sport and healthy lifestyle.

Statements of the Company’s personnel and social policy are officially declared and stipulated in details by the following documents:

  • The Personnel and Social Policy of IDGC of Urals;
  • The Collective agreement of IDGC of Urals for 2013-2014.
  • The Code of Conduct at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Program for Personnel Potential Support and Promotion at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on Personnel Hiring, Nomination and Adaptation at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on the Personnel Training at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on the Personnel Certification at IDGC of Urals:
  • The Regulations on the Sponsorship for Students Studying at High or Secondary Level Educational Institutions at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on Personnel Reserve Development at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on Unified Wage System at IDGC of Urals;
  • The Regulations on Non-state Retirement Program for the Personnel of IDGC of Urals.