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Corporate and technological business applications

Business applications are developed according to business requirements and the Company’s strategy in IT, automation and telecommunications under the following directions.

  • Upgrade of a typical Automated System for Document Flow (ASDF) solution to facilitate end-to-end business processes in Rosseti business structure

    Results: unrolling of updated Federation 3 ASDF software package and its integration with Company’s ASDF.

  • Build-up of ECM centralized data bank

    Goal: creation of centralized data bank of contractual, regulatory and administrative documents as well as primary accounting documents, access to the information via automated information systems. Our plans are software installation and modification, development of the service for integration with information systems of the Company. Project terms: 2014 - 2015.

  • Creation of information system on connection


    1. Unification of the business process for all structural units engaged in connection process;
    2. Reduction of labor costs and working hours related to connection process;
    3. Creation of integrated space for process participants;
    4. Provision of live information and reporting with required details;
    5. Enhancement of transparency and controllability of connection process;
    6. Improvement of quality and speed of client service;
    7. Reduction of time required for document approval.

    The system uses 1C platform and IT Energy Service cloud technologies. Scheduled launch – May 2015.

  • Production Asset Management System

    The project was initiated to integrate a typical solution for production asset management. We intend to use the project for evaluation of technical status and failure effects of grid equipment according to the approved methodology. Duration of the project: 2014 - 2015.

  • Automation of situation center

    We generated and put into operation an information system for fault collection and processing. The system forms a fault recording in the unified log on every level of the Company. It is also integrated with Accidents software package to prepare investigation acts and transfer fault information to Rosseti situation center.

  • Automation of Equipment Diagnostics process (2 phase)

    During 2014 – 2015 we intend to expand the exchange of information between diagnostic system and MRO (high-voltage switches, transformers, aerial and cable lines). We also intend to use Diagnostics+ for the evaluation of equipment technical status according to the approved methodology (as a part of Production Asset Management System). Duration of the project: 2014 - 2016.

  • Automation of Transmission Services

    We intend to automate an album of financial forms, planning forms, generation of financial documentation on transmission services. Duration of the project: 2014 - 2015.

  • Information Infrastructure Services for Corporate Systems + VC

    Goal: reduction of overall costs, enhancement of Rosseti CIS quality and reliability by consolidating SACSubsidiary and associated companys’ CIS and exploitation functions into unified data processing center and provision of reliable compute capacity and data channels for SACSubsidiary and associated companys’ information systems. Duration of the project: 2014 - 2016.

  • Automation of Accounting Document Flow System based on open-source solutions

    In 2014 our ASDF was put into operation. The quantity of users is currently 6,700. Implementation of the system based on open-source solutions enabled us to stop using expensive EMC Documentum software package. To facilitate end-to-end business processes between Rosseti and its SACSubsidiary and associated companys we integrated our ASDF with Rosseti’s ASDF via Federation 3 software package.

  • Fire Investigation System

    Goal: modification of Accidents software package to enable it to arrange fire investigation accounting according to established fire investigation principles of Rosseti under clause 3.8 of a working group resolution related to Rosseti Fire Safety Standards (protocol #1 dd. 21.08.2013) and Federal Act #123-FZ dd. 22.07.2008 on the Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements.