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Automated technical management systems

The creation of network management centers began in 2005. According to the approved action plan we started to create network management centers in our branches. Permenergo center started to operate since 2009, Sverdlovenergo and Chelyabenergo centers followed it next year. Performance of all operating functions by the NMCs improves the quality of technical management of Perm, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk power grids, ensures optimal repair modes, reduced losses, rapid liquidation of network incidents as well as monitoring of equipment operating modes. All NMCs are equipped with automation devices ensuring successful execution of functions (ATMS, simulators, automated system for exchanging requests for changes in operating equipment status, network mode software packages).

ATMS is developed according to the Company’s strategy in IT, automation and telecommunications approved by the Board of Directors. In terms of ATMS the strategy focuses on the improved efficiency of Company’s operations due to maximum efficiency of personnel via automated processes for collection, processing, storage and transmission of data, decision-taking and implementation of technological management functions based on sophisticated software and hardware automation means, computers and IT.

The most important subsystems are:

Automated Dispatcher Management System (ADMS)Information Collection and Transmission System (ICTS)
Acquisition of information on operating status of power grids, processing and submission of information to a dispatcher Acquisition of telemetric information from facilities, transmission to ADMS, exchange of information with regional dispatcher divisions of SO UES and other subjects

Key target programs are ICTS upgrade program approved with SO UES (prepared and approved in 2010, adjusted in 2014) and ADMS upgrade program. The strategy determines the target model of the Company’s ADMS as a system with a shared information model and distributed infrastructure for branch NMCs and dispatch centers in production units. The model allows combination of advantages, specific for global data storage and processing systems, and high reliability, since it may operate even if the infrastructure is partially destroyed. The ADMS upgrade program facilitates the transition to the model described above.

ADMS development during 2014:

  1. Launch of ICTS at newly constructed 110-kVKilovolt Titan substation;
  2. Launch of software in CES production unit designed to prepare and approve dispatcher queries automatically;
  3. Creation of an active mimic diagram in Turinsk Sloboda production unit;
  4. Launch of back-up servers in Pyshma, Tugulym and Turinsk Sloboda production units);
  5. Pilot exploitation of a 110-kVKilovolt remote meter;
  6. Collection of technical data from 40 35-110-kVKilovolt substations and 3 6-10-kVKilovolt transformers;
  7. Reception of telemetric information from grid assets of outsiders (Kurchatovskaya, Vozdushnaya, Sportivnaya substations);
  8. Automated collection and processing of data related to load check run.
  1. Collection of telemetric information from 12 35-110-kVKilovolt substations and 5 6-10-kVKilovolt transformers;
  2. Upgrade of ICTS during complete overhaul of 110-kVKilovolt Pervomayskaya substation;
  3. Back-up of internal structure of ICTS collection units at 5 production units;
  4. Upgrade of the northern ICTS collection unit at CES production unit, replacement of servers.
  1. Launch of ICTS at 4 35-kVKilovolt substations;
  2. Adjustment of mimic diagrams (4 transit schemes, 44 110-kVKilovolt aerial lines);
  3. Generation of a typical scheme regarding inclusion of satellite channels into technological networks of Permenergo branch (110-kVKilovolt Kochkino substation).