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Automated control systems

Company’s need to develop its IT and telecommunications is driven by:

  1. Improvement of quality and reliability of supply to end-users;
  2. Retention of investment components in tariff for network renovation and development;
  3. Improvement of investment efficiency;
  4. Loss reduction;
  5. OpexOperating expenses efficiency improvement;
  6. Added economic value;
  7. Improvement of customer and investor relations.

Implementation of IT projects from problem description stage to integration, support and improvement of processes help provide a basis for successful growth of core business by providing a better reliability, controllability and safety of IT infrastructure and business applications. In 2014 IT was aligned with the Company’s strategy in IT, automation and telecommunications till 2016 (protocol #108 dd. 18.06.2012). In 2014 we reviewed IT strategy roadmap (BoD protocol #159 dd. 26.12.2014). Though the 2014 plan contained 10 projects, during the reported year we accomplished 11 projects, 1 project on fire investigation system completed above the plan.

Our report on Company’s IT and telecommunications will include the following spheres: